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The information below is about the organisation, it's management and membership and not about the building or facilities in which it trades with the public, holds its meetings or events as those facilities may not be managed by this organisation. For details about the facilities either follow any links provided below or those from the Home Page of this site.

A brief description about Bury Parish Council

Bury Parish Council has recently adopted the council section of the Bury in Cambridgeshire Village Website and we are now in the process of uploading information to this part of the site.

Contact details of the Parish Councillors and the Parish Clerk have been entered already and over the coming weeks we will be uploading copies of the agenda and minutes of the council meetings over the past 19 months or so. This should make it much easier for you to find out what has been going on.

We shall be publishing the dates, times and agenda (when available) of future meetings and subsequently, once approved, the official minutes of these meetings. You will also find over the coming weeks that we will place copies of the various Policy Documents, starting with the Rules and Regulations for the Cemetery, subsequently others that we are required to make available in the Document Library Section will be uploaded.

Contact details for Bury Parish Council

Local Telephone (01480)

01487 813278


Local Email


National Telephone

01487 813278


Administration Address*

c/o Mrs C Johnson, 3 Little Whyte, Ramsey, PE26 1DS



NOTE*: The address above is for official written communications and may NOT provide public access to this organisation. In the case of a PLC or Limited Company it will be the Registered Address or perhaps that of the Secretary of a Club, Group or Association


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Facilities managed by Bury Parish Council in Bury

Click the location name below to visit this location online to view where it is on the local map plus much more information.

  Facility Type Location Address
Visit us at Bury Cemetery icon Cemeteries Bury Cemetery The Glebe, Bury, PE26 2LS
Visit us at Holy Cross Churchyard icon Cemeteries Holy Cross Churchyard Meadow Lane, Bury, PE26 2LS
Visit us at Brookfield Playing Field icon Public Parks & Play Areas Brookfield Playing Field Brookfield Way, Bury, PE26 2LS
Visit us at Brookfield Small Field icon Public Parks & Play Areas Brookfield Small Field Brookfield Way, Bury, PE26 2LS
Visit us at Owls End Play Area icon Public Parks & Play Areas Owls End Play Area Brookfield Way, Bury, PE26 2LS
Visit us at Bury Village Sign icon Tourist Attractions Bury Village Sign High Street, Bury, PE26 2LS


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The Village Sign

The Village Sign


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