Annual Parish Meeting Members of Bury Parish Council

Listed below are the current members of the Annual Parish Meeting of Bury Parish Council. Although all of the elected councillors are members of the Full Council not all the councillors are required to be members of the council's sub-committees. It is usual for councils to create sub-committees to manage certain aspects of their business when the volume of such business requires it.

Be aware that although the list below indicates the current members of this committee these councillors may not responsible for decisions made in the past. You will need to refer to the Minutes of individual meeting to determine which councillors were present at that time.

Current members of the Annual Parish Meeting Committee

Councillor Status Phone



(STD 01487 unless stated)

John Hayes 


01487 812468


01487 812528

David Wakefield 

01487 814432

Karen Prestage 

01487 813848

Kim Turner 

01487 812651

Peter Hazell 

01487 812473

Richard Scantlebury 

01487 814418

Follow this link to the meetings, agenda and minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting



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